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I remember at the time I made the majority of these “signs” comics, I was immature.  I dropped nasty, hateful words on the daily, and a lot of them in this subsequent comic too.  I mean, to this day, I realize I still can’t get past the dick and fart jokes.  But, moving forward by looking back, I might as well have been my arrogant, early teenager self in my early twenties.  I may have grown more sideways in the recent years by becoming fatter, but I have grown inward as well …with a malignant tumor!  (Cancer isn’t funny.  Death isn’t funny, byron.  SHUT UP, INNER MONOLOGUE, OR I WILL EAT YOUR FACE.)

…Before I recommend you read “signs,” I need to first preach about some terrible words which I hate.

Haters hate.  Don’t hate because hating is the absolute commitment to destruction.  Calling a person a name for their inherent physical appearance, or simply uttering certain words for the hell of it, is low.  It is low because people cannot help being who they are.  Calling anybody a “nigger,” “faggot,” “retard,” or “midget” makes you lower than any low.

When using these words:  you are yelling, you are screaming; you are hating.  You are the person that shoved the tree in the lonesome woods by choosing such hollow, booming; echoing words.  I ask that you reflect, and think deep about who is hearing these words.  I am incapable to understand the meaning of “nigger” without being called one while being black.

 The same goes for the LGBT’s, little people, and all of the above and below for their respective words.

According to our current level of understanding of the cosmos, humans are the closest divine entity in existence. Each person is sacred.  Words can also be an immeasurable love.  

I made the majority of the comic strip series “signs” when I was a senior undergraduate at a public ivy league university.  I had many personal problems, in which I cannot formally disclose at this time or maybe ever.  Before and during the origins of my Tourrette’s had overtaken the summer and autumn of the year of my graduation,  I was going through severe depression.

It was bad.  It was real bad.  I was thinking about suicide constantly whenever, and in between my flashback memories.  I was in a failing relationship.  I was thinking about jumping in front of the campus school buses, slitting my neck with kitchen knives, and I even knew of some chemicals in the lab that would cause death before the opportunity of having my stomach pumped.  

I was in rough shape.  No matter how rough it was, I hung in there and not by the noose.  I have become the best shape I can be because I chose to continue onward no matter how much catatonic boredom or despair I endured.  I sought help from others and through myself.

I made 48 comic strips of “Signs” in one day when I was feeling really down.  Art has always helped me in general overall through its reflective qualities …as well as my generic prescriptions!  Hi-Yo!

I have decided I want to make as many friends as I can along our life’s journey.

I have decided now is the best time to share these comics with you all.

So, here it is:  my first 101 comic strips of the series known as “signs.”  I wanted to release “signs” for the marking of the first year anniversary of the site:

Thank you all very much.  Thank you 4chan and reddit for putting up with my reposts, and for your criticism and praise.  Most of all, no matter how shitty your life may be, keep doing your best.  Remember that life’s a bitch, then you prosper.  I dedicate this comic …to me.  Fuck you.  Nah, I’m just fucking with you.  

I dedicate “signs” to those suffering from any mental and physical disease(s) or disorder(s).  You’re not being a pussy if you seek help.  You’re not a pussy if you’re already getting help.

Hopefully, I will muster up another 101 “signs” or something else cool for 2014’s winter solstice.  Until next year, I’ll continue to don the white-collar monkey suit.  Keep strong and ride the funky flute.

Much Love,


P.S. – I found this excerpt to live by on December 18th, 2013.  I honestly never heard it before that date, and I think the words of advice would be a good way to christen “signs.”  Continue onward to read my comic if you dare.  Here is that said excerpt:  A Word of Advice on YouTube.

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